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News Reports on the Murder that happened nextdoor to DiontheSocialist last night


Here and Here

Read at your own risk—-

The police are maintaining that he was armed, that he was ‘suspicious’ because he was riding a red scooter which had earlier been seen outside a robbery, and for goddsakes do not read the comment sections.

It is so fucking disgusting.

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Jul 06, 2012

So this is it…




I point out racism produces sociopathic behaviors, white people flip out.

Then the cops shoot the very child they were called to protect.  Shoot the child handcuffed and unable to fight back.  Shoot the child in the head.

It’s always important to keep killing Black people.  Not because they want to kill everybody, they just need to remind everyone they can be killed.  The Black folks are reminded of where they don’t get to stand, and everyone else is given an example of what the worst is.  And to keep everyone accustomed and numb and normalized to the murder of innocent people.

“It’s ok to kill Black people.  The cops do it all the time.”

The point is not killing the bodies, the point is to kill the soul by reminding Black folks constantly how little their lives are worth.

Keep everyone else ok with “Black as other” and not: your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your teachers, your students, mothers, children, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews.  People.

These are the people I grew up with.  These are my friends now.  I can’t drink the murder kool-aid and call it good.

“It’s ok to kill Black people. It’s not like they’re people anyway.”

The simple action of constantly reinforcing your own value by violently reminding Black people to know their worth(lessness) is all that’s needed to set up this cycle.  And it never matters how blatant or over-the-top the violence is, because when your life is worthless, they can never see it as wrong.

They say I don’t know the meaning of the word sociopathic when I use it.


Truest facts to ever be written so far.

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Jul 05, 2012


Racially profiles and spies on Muslims, automatically assumes all crimes in the currently existing galaxy are committed by black people, believes that white people are law-abiding, innocent people who, if by chance, kill innocent civilians or commit brutal hate crimes, are under stress and should be forgiven instantly, sends brown students to jail for speaking up against human rights violations but happily accommodates war criminals in its states, shoots unarmed black teenagers and brushes it off as an insignificant subject and a hundred other forms of hypocrisy.

Welcome to America.

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Jul 05, 2012

The Police Were Never Intended to Protect Us.



I see people rushing in to claim that Dion’s post has to be wrong/the anger last night was unfair to the families of cops/it’s wrong to blame white/any people for what the cops do/well he might have had a gun at some point/the cops were doing their job/he looks like an adult so why at like he’s young (apparently puberty immediately renders black people dangerous criminals)/the news says something else happened and it must be right etc. Because you handcuff corpses right?  wait, no you don’t so if he was in cuffs & dead? He was killed in those cuffs. Just like Oscar Grant.

I’m over here laughing in a graveyard sort of way because I remember the initial news spin given to the media by police spokesmen to cover up what happened to Lenard Clark, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Aiyana Jones, Rekia Boyd, Oscar Grant, Timothy Stansbury, Rodney King & Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. I remember the Burge torture cases here in Chicago & the two boys under 10 who were coerced into confessing to a murder they couldn’t have committed & how that experience ruined their lives. I can think of half a dozen deaths over the years that I know about where the body on the ground wasn’t armed/was mentally ill/called the police for help & died because of it.

Google inner city kids and PTSD sometime, note the plethora of studies showing that they’re essentially living in war zones & instead of kneejerking to blame gangs & parents start asking questions about how those neighborhoods got that way. Ask about Stop & Frisk policies (pro tip it doesn’t just happen in New York), racial profiling & who is more likely to be afraid of the police than to trust them. Ask yourself about the policy of silence in many communities when it comes to crime & ask yourself how that community norm was created. Ask yourself about how the police were first formed (look up paddy rollers & their connection to paid policing) & whether their purpose has ever really been to protect everyone. Finally ask yourself how many abuses, how many deaths of POC have to happen before the conversation is actually about what the police are doing to communities & not about whether or not you love your dad/uncle/cousin/mom/friend that’s a cop & totally not like the cops in these not so isolated incidents.

People need to wake up and realize this isn’t new. It didn’t just spring up last night. We don’t need to fabricate anything. A war has been going on for a long time now. Those of us who have to fear the police in our own neighborhoods know this. Those of us who were taught since we were young how to become invisible to the police  - how we could try to make our bodies look less like targets and more like something worthy of life- live with the fear that something we will do or say will set them off and no one will care about our unjust deaths. What happened to Oscar Grant was caught on film and he and his family still couldn’t get the justice that they deserved. And nothing will ever bring him back to life. The lists of our dead is too long. The ways in which we have been scarred are still being uncovered.

I don’t want to have anything to do with you if you can’t understand how real this is.

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Jul 04, 2012

(Trigger Warning) A little black boy near Dionthesocialist just got shot in the head in cold blood. I think that makes 30 innocent black bodies dead by police or law enforces. But no. Keep saying nigga as if it’s okay. Act like this isn’t a problem. Remember as you are having fun with your little meme and having a good old joke about something “not so serious” remember that a young boy was killed for no fucking reason because the police thought he was a dangerous nigger. So keep on fucking laughing and pushing it off as not a big deal. It so much of a big deal for black people that we are being shot around the clock because of it. Fuck you assholes. Fuck you.


may i add thats 30 so far this year that we know of. plenty shit never makes the news when it has to do w dead black bodies so i know good and well the count is actually higher.

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Jul 04, 2012

On POC, Collective Memory & the Media


I’m not sure if anyone following me here follows Dionthesocialist, but last night he witnessed the aftermath of a boy being shot two doors down from his home. I haven’t really been following it on account of my own emotional/mental safety, but anyone who would like details is welcome to read his blog (TW for murder.)

There has already been news stories about the incident and of course, they are less than true. I really think any of person of color is well acquainted with the way media has been able to spin the truths of our deaths in ways that have been unfair and dehumanizing. Trayvon Martin is a recent example, but not even the epitome in which the ways the American media is capable of spinning on our deaths on us. 

But to be honest, I think this is the first time everyone is getting and up & personal taste of how it really works. The contrast is really amazing, I think. It’s cognitive dissonance at its finest—here’s what you know & here’s what they tell you. This is what you believe & this is what they want you to believe. Our first instincts as American citizens and as people well acquainted with American media is to take everything at face value. We know of bias, but we generally believe that the media cannot tell lies. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a person of color’s relationship with media & especially the news. There’s a lack of trust there, along with a lack of representation, a frustration with said representation if it happens, and a general sense of anxiety and fear. You want to be represented but you’re afraid in which you will be or if you will be at all. I can’t speak for the entire community and honestly don’t want to; I can only speak of my experiences and know that for the first time in a long time, I was really fighting a lot of my ingrained instincts as I watched this story unfold. From the incident to the aftermath to the headlines the next morning, I had to keep checking in with myself. This is what happened. This is what happened. They are lying.

Is this how a community feels after a tragedy? It must be hard to grapple with what you all collective know and what the media will tell about your neighborhood. I don’t know, I feel very strange. I’d like to keep following this, but I’m not sure if I really can.

Jul 03, 2012

Full update: A young(?) black man was murdered by police in my neighborhood tonight.


Note: This post was written based only on things I saw and heard at the scene of the crime on the night of the incident.

I live in the Beaties Ford neighborhood of Charlotte. It’s not a bad neighborhood. There’s never very much crime or anything going on, but it’s mainly lower-income minorities who live here, most black and latin@. 

At about 11:15pm, I left my house to go pick up my brother from work. Neighborhood was completely and quiet and empty at that point.

I picked him up and we came home. On the highway, I saw the two helicopters circling in the sky with their search lights on. I told Corbin (my little brother) that I had a bad feeling about it, because even though I was almost sure I was imagining it, it seemed like the helicopters were circling right above where our house is. As we got off the highway, it became more and more and apparent that the helicopter actually was literally above/around our house. I was freaked out, because I didn’t know what was going on.

When I turned down my street, there were maybe ten police cars. The whole thing was blocked off and I heard lots of yelling and crying. I figured they were searching for someone who committed a murder, so I decided to go someplace else for awhile.

We came back after about a half hour and parked our car down the street. Most of the neighborhood was out by this time, so we got out too and started trying to figure out what was going on.

First, we heard someone had been shot. This was my first thought anyway. I was kind of shaken up by the fact that I had literally missed being in the area of the shooting by about ten minutes. Then, the chatter we heard was that it was the police who shot someone. Still, I assumed they’d shot the perp they were looking for.

Some lady walked past us and said “yall look scared.” We asked her if she knew what happened. That’s when she told us that the kid was being chased by some people and the police were called to help him. Somehow, the police ended up shooting the kid. The police shot the victim when they were called to help him.

That’s when I first heard the brother yelling at the police. He was saying that they shot his brother and that his brother didn’t have a gun.The police shot him even though he was unarmed. That’s when the coroner’s truck showed up (I think) and I decided to blog it so I could keep up with what was happening. This is also when more of the kid’s family showed up. I’m assuming the kid was a teen because his older brother only looked about mid twenties. His mother was screaming and crying at this point, as well as a younger cousin of his. It was heartbreaking. 

His brother had a gun at one point. That’s when Corbin and I went back to our car. The chatter was getting louder though so we got out again and got closer to where we could see the crime scene. I saw them load the body.

I was approached by two or three detectives who asked if I lived in the house I was standing in front of at the time. That’s when I told them where I lived and asked if we could get to our house. The brother came up to the detectives and started yelling about how “you’re not gonna get away with this” and “he was handcuffed when you shot him.”

“We’re not going to let you put us in handcuffs anymore. Why would anyone let you put them in handcuffs when this is what you do? You handcuff him and shoot him in the back of the head. If you want head shots, I can give you head shots. I can put something on your head.” Detectives sent me to my car at this point and told me I could drive through and get home. As I was walking, I heard him say “one of yall cuffed him, the other said ‘he’s got a gun’ and yall shot him in the back of his head.” 

When I got home, I could still hear his mother crying and screaming. 

I can’t do this anymore. I can’t listen to his mother crying anymore and his brother screaming. 

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Jul 03, 2012

White Privilege is believing that there is another side of the story to be considered when a Black child is handcuffed and then shot in the head by police officers.


[re: this]

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Jul 03, 2012

∞ 75 year old white man murders 13 year old black male neighbor in front of his mother as he brings in the trash


  • white man had been burglarized
  • white man accuses black child in the neighborhood
  • white man “confronts” black child with gun
  • black child denies it (apparently, he was in school at the time)
  • unarmed black child is murdered (shot in the chest)
  • neighbors say the white man was a good neighbor and just seemed to be “frustrated” with the break-ins

does ANY of this sound familiar to you?

here’s the video of the news segment

Jun 05, 2012


Ok fellow non-black POC, it’s time for some solidarity. As you may have probably heard another Black boy has been shot and murdered. Darrius Simmons was only 13 years old and the Black community should have their space to mourn their loss. So anyway if you see any Black tumblr user or even another social site/offline being harassed over this step in and start collecting. This goes double for you white people, start collecting your folk if they harass the mourning Black community. I think we should let them mourn and grieve in peace. They should be able to get angry over what just happened without assholes derailing them. 

So basically start collecting/calling out whenever you see anyone getting harassed.

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Jun 05, 2012